Working for a start-up sometimes feels reminiscent of a roller coaster ride; things are always rather thrilling and fast paced. At Nervana, we take great pride in our rapid accomplishments, however there are inevitable challenges with having two offices combined with 100% growth in the past year. Since maintaining a cohesive team is our most essential ingredient for success, we deemed it necessary to depart on our first annual company retreat.

The location: Meadowood Resort in St. Helena, California.

Our team truly deserved a full escape from day-to-day operations and the daily complex tasks with which it is faced. Needless to say, our employees at Nervana work hard. Very hard. We chose a destination that epitomized relaxation in a number of different forms.

Those who needed a rush in order to relax spent an afternoon at Infineon Raceway Karting Center: a 16-turn, three-quarter mile track, known as one of the premier karting venues in the country.

Our company’s wine aficionados took advantage of being in wine country by passing time touring and tasting at Charles Krug Winery, a family winery founded in 1861 and prized for producing the finest Bordeaux style wines in the Napa Valley.

Others opted for the more traditional relaxation approaches and spent time wandering the hiking trails in Meadowood or kicking back by the pool.

Our last evening was spent with a delicious family dinner and heartwarming message from our CEO.

Our first annual retreat gave us an opportunity to slow down and realize that each of our “team-specific” goals is truly just an equal and necessary piece on the roadmap to fulfill our company’s core mission. Our retreat was both a well-deserved weekend of luxury and a spectacular way for our company to bond as one big team.

The stronger our team, the stronger our company.



Jessica Rosenthal
Business Operations & Marketing Coordinator