The World’s Fastest Deep Learning Framework

Neon is an open source Python-based language and set of libraries for developing deep learning models. Neon is super fast, super powerful, and super easy to use!

More than 2x better than the rest!

Neon is more than twice as fast as other deep learning frameworks such as Caffe and Theano. Neon’s performance advantage is the result of assembler-level optimization, multi-GPU support, optimized data-loading, and use of the Winograd algorithm for computing convolutions.

Training Speed neon vs. Caffe

Powerful simplicity

It’s easy for deep learning newbies to get started with neon! Neon’s Python-like syntax includes object-oriented implementations of all the deep learning components, including layers, learning rules, activations, optimizers, initializers, and costs functions. And out-of-the-box examples cover all the standard deep learning use cases, including image recognition, speech, video, and natural language processing. So even those new to deep learning can easily implement all the common deep learning models in neon, including convnets, MLPs, RNNs, LSTMs and autoencoders. Meanwhile, more experienced deep learning data scientists can create their own novel algorithms using linear algebra, auto-differentiation, and other advanced capabilities with a numpy-like syntax.

Enlightening visualizations

Neon’s nviz utility generates histograms and other visualizations to help you track progress and better understand what’s going on in the deep learning process.

Neon is free to try!

Neon is available to download for free under an open source Apache 2.0 License. You can easily install neon on your own machine since it runs on CPU, GPU, and TX1. Got questions? Neon is supported by an active user group. So give neon a try, and then give Nervana a call when you’re ready to turbo-charge the deep learning process with neon running in Nervana Cloud!