Deep learning is becoming the fundamental technology used to process the vast amounts of data coming from automobiles. Nervana’s solutions enable the development of the latest driver aids and autonomous vehicles.

Autonomous Driving

Auto manufacturers are investing billions of dollars in developing the next generation of autonomous vehicles. This involves processing sensory data to enable applications like road sign recognition, pedestrian detection, and obstacle avoidance. Nervana’s cloud platform provides the speed and scale necessary to perform these complex computations in real-time.

Advanced Speech Interface

Deep learning allows for more user-friendly human-machine interfaces. Natural language processing techniques enable reliable speech recognition that is tolerant to background noise. This kind of interface can control navigation, audio, or comfort preferences within the vehicle.

Predictive Modeling

Collecting and analyzing sensor data from automobiles can help car manufacturers better predict maintenance and servicing needs. Deep learning finds actionable insights to predict when components may fail.

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