According to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, food production must increase by 60% to feed the growing population expected to hit 9 billion by 2050. The explosion of data and the use of deep learning will help farmers increase productivity, increase efficiency and achieve this ambitious target.

Real-time Plant Phenotyping

Nervana is propelling advances in the field of precision farming. Using deep learning techniques for image analysis and object classification, farmers are now able to accurately measure and characterize crops. This enables applications like plant thinning where robots deliver varying doses of fertilizer to each plant based on real-time plant phenotyping.

Advanced Plant Breeding

Deep learning is powering the next generation of plant breeding techniques. Using a combination of phenotypic and plant genomic data, researchers can predict future performance of new hybrids. Nervana’s solutions analyze these complex correlations to predict phenotypic performance and accelerate the development of higher yield crops.

Predictive Weather Analytics

Deep learning is already being used to make sense of a wide variety of sensor data including temperature, soil and humidity. These analysis combined with aerial images from satellites and drones build detailed weather models. With these solutions, farmers are able to make decisions that maximize yield based on future weather conditions.

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