On December 2nd, our San Diego office held its first Meetup (our second company Meetup overall). Over 80 people eagerly walked in to dive deep into the field of Deep Learning with speaker, Urs Köster, PhD. Needless to say, it was an outstanding success!

We hit a new level of seating capacity as we moved all meeting room chairs out of our conference rooms. Common area couches and even yoga balls were moved to face our speaker.

Urs belongs to Nervana’s superstar team of Algorithms engineers and has over 9 years of research experience in machine learning, spanning areas from computer vision and image processing to large-scale neural data analysis. His lecture was focused on Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks. The entire presentation remained extremely engaging as Urs piloted through some of the most groundbreaking capabilities of deep learning today – such as the Skype language translator which enables communication across language barriers and NYU’s semantic segmentation system that labels each pixel of a panoramic video.

The introduction was followed by a workshop highlighting neon™, our acclaimed open source Python based deep learning framework. The hands-on tutorials covered how to use neon™ to use Convolutional Networks to perform image classification, and how to build and train Recurrent Neural Networks for sentiment analysis. As recommended in the invitation, attendees brought their computers to follow along with the examples. Many of Nervana’s other employees were present to help with any further questions.


The event concluded with drinks, food, and opportunities for networking.

To view the full presentation, check out the video below or visit our Youtube, Github or Slideshare.

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Thank you for joining us!

Jessica Rosenthal
Business Operations and Marketing Coordinator