Will Silicon Valley become the next Motown?

On Friday Toyota announced it will invest $1 billion into a new Silicon Valley research institute to develop artificial intelligence and robotics for automobiles.  Last week, Nissan demonstrated a prototype Nissan LEAF with autonomous driving features, and announced their goal of building a fully-autonomous vehicle by the end of 2020. [...]

By | Wednesday, November 11, 2015|Company|

Intern Spotlight: Implementing Language Models

Recurrent Neural Networks During my internship at Nervana Systems, I got to implement a few language models using Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN’s) and achieved a significant speedup in training image captioning models. RNN’s are good at learning relationships over sequences of data. So for example, a RNN could be [...]

By | Wednesday, November 4, 2015|Developer|

The Treat of Retreating

Working for a start-up sometimes feels reminiscent of a roller coaster ride; things are always rather thrilling and fast paced. At Nervana, we take great pride in our rapid accomplishments, however there are inevitable challenges with having two offices combined with 100% growth in the past year. Since maintaining a [...]

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Deep learning and the need for unified tools

Being a technology provider in the deep learning (DL) space, we field a range of questions about our technology.  Some questions are deeply technical about how we achieve our performance and others are about usage of our tools.  However, we often get a relevant and basic set of questions about [...]

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