About Jessica Rosenthal

Jessica is a graduate from the University of Southern California with a degree in Psychology with a business emphasis. Her studies were focused on the nature of interpersonal relations, consumer behavior, product design, and market research. She thrives on adventure and creativity and her values and hobbies revolve around bridging the gap between the two. When she isn’t exploring new ways to market Nervana and managing its business operations, she’s likely traveling to a place she’s never been, designing websites, or training for an upcoming race.

#IntelAI Day

On November 17th, 2016, Intel hosted its first ever “AI Day” at Bespoke in San Francisco. #IntelAI soared to the top of Twitter’s trending hashtags as nearly 500 people piled in to watch Intel’s Brian Krzanich (CEO), Diane Bryant (EVP & GM Data Center Group), Doug Fisher (SVP & GM Software), [...]

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Meeting up with Paris ML and SD Deep Learning

Meetups provide an enjoyable, educational atmosphere for Nervana to connect with fellow AI enthusiasts. On April 26th, our cofounder and VP of Algorithms, Arjun Bansal, presented “Nervana and the Future of Computing” at Paris Machine Learning Applications Group’s  Meetup #12 Season 3 highlighting ML Hardware. Paris ML has been commended [...]

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Deep Diving into Deep Learning

On December 2nd, our San Diego office held its first Meetup (our second company Meetup overall). Over 80 people eagerly walked in to dive deep into the field of Deep Learning with speaker, Urs Köster, PhD. Needless to say, it was an outstanding success! [...]

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The Treat of Retreating

Working for a start-up sometimes feels reminiscent of a roller coaster ride; things are always rather thrilling and fast paced. At Nervana, we take great pride in our rapid accomplishments, however there are inevitable challenges with having two offices combined with 100% growth in the past year. Since maintaining a [...]

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